If you come to a random League of Legends fan forum and ask which of the Champions is the best, disputes may not subside for hours. In fact, it is difficult to determine the best Champions objectively: each of them is individual and suits only a certain category of players. This is one of the main charm of the game: the abundance of the proposed development options provide unlimited opportunities for self-expression. However, in different periods of time, the gaming community has favorites: each character will get his hour of triumph and grab his part of the audience's attention sooner or later. Today, Elo-CB offers you a quick overview of 3 different Champions that are very popular at the moment.


Yasuo is a melee warrior. He is looking for the murderer of his mentor. He is the only one who carries the legendary Wind Technique. He is able to control the air flow to get through the avant-garde of enemies, in order to launch an attack on opponents hiding in the rear. He has two looks: Samurai and Cowboy. His skills don’t require time to prepare and quickly reload, and his high mobility and agility allows him to easily cut his way through the enemy's defense lines.

Yasuo’s passive skill, Way of the Wanderer, consists of two parts: Intention doubles the chance for a critical hit. A 50% critical level hit is enough for each hit to be critical. The second part is called Resolve. Moving, the Champion gets a resource called "stream", which accumulation rate depends on Yasuo’s current movement speed. Taking damage from an enemy Champion or monster, Yasuo briefly turns the air flow into a shield that absorbs incoming damage.

The Sweeping Blade skill allows Yasuo to make a dash to the opponent, cause damage and leave his mark. Repeated spurt to the marked enemy can’t be made. The jump range is fixed, so it is necessary to calculate the distance to the target accurately in order to prevent slips. The damage of each subsequent spurt increases (until a certain limit), so it makes sense to produce a chain of jumps from target to target. Unlike other similar skills, this skill can be interrupted by control effects. Once surrounded, Yasuo can easily break through the blockade and hide under the cover of an allied Tower.

Steel Tempest skill: after a short preparation, Yasuo lunges in the direction of the cursor, causing damage to all enemies who are hit. This skill is considered an auto attack, can cause critical damage and impose effects on impact. The third use of skill in a row shoots a whirlwind flying far, causing damage and throwing all enemies on its way in the air. This is the basic skill of Yasuo used on the line.
It recharges quickly, which is useful in pushing back a wave of minions, as well as inflicting regular damage to enemies. This skill can be used during Sweeping Blade cast: in this case, damage will be inflicted on everyone around you.

The next skill, Wind Wall, has an active and passive effect. Passively, it increases the rate Air flow accumulation during a spurt. When used, it creates a wall that moves in a given direction, blocking the shots of enemies, including auto attacks and aiming skills. It is useless against Towers’ shots, but even so, it is a powerful skill that can block tons of damage. Running away from the shooter, don’t forget leaving the Wind Wall behind you to break away from the chase.

Yasuo’s Absolute skill is Last Breath. It has a huge damage radius, but it can only be used against Champions who are bred into the air. When activated, Yasuo transfers to the target, holds it in the air and causes physical damage. After landing, he receives a long-lasting armor penetration bonus, which only affects the enemy's ADDITIONAL armor.

2 important clarifications. 1: Last Breath affects all enemies planted around Yasuo's target. 2: The victim can be thrown by any skill / Champion, so Yasuo cooperates well with Champions who are capable of it - for example, Janna. Last Breath can change the course of any battle, as it is very powerful.

Preparing for the game, think over the development of the basic parameters of Yasuo: Movement speed, Attack speed, critical hit chance (doubly effective for this Champion) and Protection.


Jinx is a reckless hooligan, a long-range shooter who loves to destroy everything around and wreaks havoc, hurling a battlefield with a barrage of bullets from a firearm. She is impulsive and spontaneous. If you love chaos and destruction, she won’t not disappoint you.

Passive skill Get Excited! gives her a big movement speed increase after each kill, assist or Tower destruction. However, her impatience leads to the fact that if the target doesn’t die shortly after receiving damage from Jinx, the passive skill won’t trigger. This skill helps Jinx to disappear from the scene of the murder or catch up with the fleeing enemies.

Jinx uses either the Pow-Pow machine gun or the Fishbones rocket launcher for auto attacks. In order to quickly switch between them, she uses the Switcheroo! skill. By default, Jinx shoots a machine gun, and each hit increases the attack speed. The effect stacks up to x3 times. The rocket launcher shoots further, but it requires mana to make each shot, and the speed of subsequent attacks won’t increase. When switching from a machine gun to a rocket launcher abruptly, Jinx will retain overclocking and get a high attack speed. Rocket launcher is able to cause critical damage to all enemies affected by the explosion. The machine gun is less long-range, but the damage done makes it an ideal weapon for Tower destruction. Due to the range of attacks and damage to the area, the rocket is advantageous to use to destroy the waves of minions.

Next Jinx’s skill is Zap!. This is a long-range attack, for which it takes some time to prepare. Jinx freezes, charging the shocker and taking aim, then shoots, hitting the first enemy in the path of the projectile trajectory. Zap! slows the target down, however, it’s difficult to inflict significant damage with this skill, since the opponent sees the projectile flight path before the shot is fired: it is indicated with a bright blue line. However, reducing the speed of movement of one of the members of the opposing team can be a significant advantage. Skillful use of the gunner allows you to effectively crowd your opponent on the line.

Flame Chompers! – are three trap grenades that are ready to explode in a few seconds after installation and cause magical damage to all who are in the explosion zone. If an enemy contacts the grenade, it will explode and immobilize the victim. 1 Champion can detonate 1 grenade only, even if he has stepped on a few. Time to prepare this skill is not required. Grenades can be used to clarify the situation behind the walls or in the bushes. Grenades scare off opponents and resist the onslaught of minions.

The most deadly Jinx’s skill is the Super Mega Death Rocket!. A huge rocket flies through the entire map and explodes after a collision with an enemy Champion only. An explosion inflicts damage on anyone within the radius of destruction. The farther the rocket flies, the more inertia it gains up and the greater the speed of the collision, and therefore the damage will be. The less health the victim has left, the more effective this strike will be, therefore this skill is indispensable for finishing off half-dead enemies who are looking for salvation on the other end of the map.

Jinx holds the line well, skillfully switching between her weapons, quickly responding to a changing situation and conducting attacks at various distances. Skills allow Jinx to behave aggressively and even reach enemies who are at a considerable distance. Shock shots are very effective against minions, and following shot from a rocket launcher reinforces the result. Running away from the fight, you can inflict great damage from afar.

Jinx is especially deadly if being near the enemy Tower that is almost destroyed. If the Tower is destroyed nearby, Jinx will receive a charge of vivacity which temporarily increases the effectiveness of its attacks.

In the runes it is better to choose the signs of Attack power, seal of Armor, Resistance to magic and Vampirism. In talents, use the 21-9-0 scheme. In the attack, choose Physical Damage, Attack Speed and Critical Strikes, and in Defense - Health and Armor. Spells: Jumping with a barrier and Cleansing will allow Jinx to change position quickly and survive truly hardcore battles.


This is a really tough guy, and now you will see that he is called The Virtuoso for a reason. Jihn is a ruthless killer hiding his face under a smiling mask. A simple murder is not interesting to him: he is obsessed with the desire to commit a perfect murder, since death, in his opinion, is the most important moment in life and must be SPECTACULAR.

The game Jihn is a shooter who destroys enemies with powerful pistol shots and the most long-range skills among all LoL Champions.

Passive skill: Whisper. It is named after his pistol, which is charged with four bullets. The last bullet always deals critical damage, the amount of which depends on the HP balance of the target. After the last shot or after several seconds of inactivity, Jihn reloads the gun. Attack speed is fixed, but the power of each subsequent increases. Its critical hits are less powerful than usual, but can accelerate movement speed. In general, Jihn shoots slower, but does more significant damage, and the bonus to the speed of movement allows him to escape from pursuit or, conversely, catch up with the enemies who are trying to hide.

Dancing Grenade is the first active skill. Jihn hurls a grenade at the enemy. It deals damage, and then bounces to the next (nearest) enemy. One charge can hit up to 4 targets in one run. If one of the targets in the chain was killed by the grenade hit, the damage inflicted on subsequent targets hit increases. This effect is summed up, which means that if the first three hits killed 3 enemies, the fourth one would inflict unimaginable damage. Use this skill during reloading to avoid taking pauses in damage infliction, especially if there are minions with a low level of health near the target.

The third skill is Deadly Flourish. Its passive effect marks enemies who are hit by the attacks of Jin and his allies. When activated, Jihn shoots in the chosen direction, causing damage to minions, monsters and the first enemy Champion on the way. In case the target has been hit, ut becomes immobilized, and Jihn’s speed increases. Use this skill to support an ally from a distance.

The following skill, Captive Audience, sets a trap that becomes invisible after some preparation. Upon contact with the enemy, the trap detonates and creates a slowdown area. The enemies have a few seconds to escape from the affected area, after which a powerful explosion will occur. Jihn can set up to 2 traps at a time. They remain charged for several minutes. On the site of a killed enemy, passive effect The beauty of Death creates the same area of slowing down with a subsequent explosion, as when the trap is first triggered.

Place traps on the Forester’s approaching paths: this will grant few seconds to win the odds before an ambush attack. Watch the map and be careful: traps are a dangerous thing and require attention.

Jihn’s Absolute skill is called Curtain Call. When using for the first time, Jihn starts aiming at the chosen direction, and at subsequent uses, makes 4 shots. Each bullet reveals an area in its flight path and causes damage to minions and monsters before hitting the enemy. The victim slows down and takes damage, the amount of which depends on the amount of the remaining HP. Since 4 is Gin's favorite number, the last bullet is the most deadly and always deals critical damage.

If all enemy targets are out of the affected area, the skill can be canceled, but the recharge rate will slightly decrease. This attack is ideal for killing, but it is also useful for slowing down fleeing enemies, allowing your allies to overtake them.

Jihn shines and blooms on the Line where his partner has a lot of Control Skills. However, it is better to use Deadly Flourish immediately after the of your ally’s Control effect subsides. It takes practice, but the result is definitely worth it. The range of your skills allows you to support allies throughout the map. Use your advantage actively!

In conclusion, Elo-CB would like to repeat that there is no unequivocal answer to the question: “which Champion is the best?”. Today we talked about three very different and really cool Champions. However, remember that the best Champion for you is the one you know and feel well. Good luck on your way to heights, and never look back!

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