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Elo Division Boost

Elo Division Boost


SOLO QUE ELO BOOST SERVICE You are a lone wolf on the merciless fields. Undoubtedly, this makes you ..

Elo Duo Queue Division Boost

Elo Duo Queue Division Boost


The Duo Que service is a boosting/coaching service where you play your account alongside a pro playe..

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Elo Division Boosting


In order to unlock Ranked Games (RG), during which gamers must gain League Points (LP) and improve MMR level in LOL to prove that you deserve a place in the desired League and Divisions, you have to reach level 30 first. Also to access participation in the RG it is necessary to hold ten Placement Matches (PM). The result of this preliminary series (the proportion of victories won or losses suffered) directly determines the level of the Guild and the Division you get into. The MMR affects how many points you can earn in one game, and also determines your enemies’ level.



There are 6 tiers available in total: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master. Each of them is divided into leagues. There are 250 gamers in the ranks of each league. In turn, Leagues are divided into 5 Divisions (250/5 ~ 50 gamers / division), each named after the legendary LoL gamers.


After the preliminary series consisting of 10 PM is completed, the League and the Division, which will receive you (depends directly on the outcome of the preliminary series, the amount of victories won and the losses suffered) will be determined. The maximum level you can get, even if you gained 10 wins in a row - the Golden League, Fifth Division. In order to advance further, you gonna sweat a lot and spend a lot of time. To move to the next Division, you need to score 100 points in the current division and win 2 games out of 3 in the PM series. After moving to the next division, your points amount is reset.

After you move to the next division, you have the opportunity to lose the first 5 matches, however, if you don’t score any points by this moment (at least 1 victory) and lose the next, the sixth match, you will be demoted and returned to ranks of the previous Division, and you will have to re-score 100 points and win at least 2 matches out of 3 in the PM series, which precedes the transition to the next Division.

After you join the ranks of the First Division of the current League and score 100 points, to go to the Fifth Division of the next League level you need to go through an enhanced version of the transitional series of Placement Games (5 games, you must win at least three of them). The MMR level affects how many points you can earn in one game, and also determines the level of your opponents. The more often you win, the faster you gain points, as the hidden MMR increases and vice versa: the greater the loss, the slower the progress, so try to perform at the level!

Slightly different rules apply to the Diamond / Master tier transition. Only 200 gamers participate in the Master. When a gamer moves from the Diamond to the Master, he gets immunity for 7 days (during this week he cannot be demoted back to the Diamond). Instead, after the new gamer enters the Master, the gamer with the lowest score returns to the Diamond ranks. So try not to linger in the last place, as it is too risky!


Want to feel the real taste of the game, fighting in the High League? Losing interest, remaining at the current level? Can’t gain points fast enough, because your MMR indicator could be more impressive, or are you simply not ready to waste time and energy on taking one step forward and two steps back? Regardless of why you would like to go further, our CakeBoost team is happy to help!

We provide the best well-balanced combined service to improve your MMR score, obtaining points, promotion on the “Career Ladder” - LEAGUE AND DIVISION BOOST SERVICE! Our employees, experienced game professionals who know all its subtleties and nuances, will help your character efficiently and quickly accumulate the necessary points to move to a higher level. You can order a certain amount of points, help in the performance of the transitional series of PM, or simply name the desired League and Division. There are no impossible tasks for us!



All our services are designed in a way to achieve the perfect balance between efficiency, speed of execution, and an affordable price.

We believe in personal approach, feedback and maximum transparency in the execution of services. You can discuss your order with our managers in detail, and we will be very attentive to all the details so that you get exactly what you need. After all the details of the order have been discussed and approved, we will select the most suitable executor for you. During the execution of the service, you can personally control the process and receive comments in order to clarify unclear moments.

Our carefully selected specialists, the best of the best, experts and enthusiasts of the game, are the real masters of their work, perfectly equipped, oriented in the game and aimed at the rapid and effective achievement of the goal. We use only high quality equipment to achieve the best results!

Elo Division Boost service is piloted, but your security is our highest priority: we value our customer’s account safety high and use your country’s VPN not to attract unwanted attention, so this service is safe and available for everyone across the World. We have no limits!

With the CakeBoost team, you are in safe hands. Take the first step, try and evaluate the effectiveness of services, as well as the speed and high quality of performance! We will do everything to make you satisfied with our work... And come back again and again!

Become a part of our team. Become a member of our CakeBoost family. Start your journey to the new gaming experience today.


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