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Zoe personifies the impermanent and ever-restless matter of the universe. She is a Targonian Aspect, a merry blue-eyed girl with long hair who cannot sit in one place. She not only knows how to travel between worlds, reaching the very depths of the Universe, but also is able to change the subtle magical law governing known dimensions. However, she is not fully aware of the consequences of her own actions, therefore, sometimes her leprosy leads to large-scale disasters. Despite the apparent carelessness, she, like everything impermanent, hides a lot of storms, secrets and dangers, so don’t be deceived by her harmless look.

Since childhood, she was famous for her mischievous character and restlessness. Lunari, who taught the girl magic, immediately realized that this child would become an uncontrollable problem. Zoe was chosen by chance and became a god, one might say, by chance. Her magical gift is a gift from Targonian Aspect of Twilight, who once saw how deftly she escapes from her Lunari teachers, mimicking them. When the teachers began to catch up with the restless student, Aspect decided to test the girl and gave her six different subjects, five of which would help the girl to avoid punishment and resolve the conflict peacefully.

However, she remained true to herself. One of the objects created near her feet was a ball, which she launched forcefully into the nearest wall. Then she rolled on the grass, laughing, watching the ball knock Lunari off their feet.

Targonian Aspect laughed heartily and was pleased with the girl. As a reward, he created a portal to the very top of the Targon Mountain, giving the girl the opportunity to know the essence of the universe. Without thinking twice, she ducked into the portal, where she immediately merged with the divine essence. Thus began her journey through and between dimensions, worlds, and matters.

Zoe returned home only 1,000 years later, but apparently she didn’t mature for a day. Her soul also remained naughty, controversial, brave and very childish. She retained not only a light sense of humor, but also childish spontaneity. Thirst for knowledge and adventure leads her forward, and apparently, she is not going to grow up at all.


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