How can you guarantee the safety of my account?
We take account security very seriously and consider it as a core element of our service. Our website is secured and protected with 256-bit Secure Socket Layer encryption. To make yourself feel even more comfortable by giving us detailed information of your account, we encourage you to enjoy the full advantages of Riot's verification e-mail system before purchasing any type of boost.
How does ELO BOOSTING work?
It is really simple: the customer pays us to improve his ELO MMR (matchmaking rating) in ranked queue games. After receiving your order's information, the system will select a professional high ELO booster (Master or Challenger), who will receive your order, and he will start to achieve the desired results the fastest way possible.
Alternative Payment Methods
We have integrated all payment methods in the world to make sure that our customers will find a way to pay. Our third party payment providers, Paymentwall, PayPal and G2A Pay provide hundreds of payment methods you can choose from, including Paysafecard and mobile payment.
Can I watch the booster playing on my account?
Yes, there are plenty of options to choose from in order to be able to watch your booster working on your account. The easiest is to create a smurf account, and use it to spectate your main account being boosted within the game client. If you are only interested in the match history of your booster, you can easily track that through Elo-cb members area.
How can I contact the booster?
You can easily chat with your booster through Elo-cb members area where you can not only track your booster's progress, but there is also a live chat window for you two to communicate.
What if I am not satisfied with my booster?
Customer satisfaction is very important for us. The customer has the option of swapping boosters, but these cases are extremely rare, since our boosting team only consists master and challenger players with great booster experience.
Can i play duo with my booster?
Yes. There is a type of service called duo queue ELO boost which makes it possible to raise your ELO while playing duo games with a professional high ELO booster.

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