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Placement Matches are an important part of the game, especially at the beginning of the season, although at first glance this may not be obvious. Completion of the seasonal Placement Matches series is a necessary condition for many activities, so you need to pay attention to this series for the orderly and efficient development of your account. It is the result of the introductory Placement Matches series, consisting of 10 games, that will determine your initial MMR indicator and the League / Division that you’ll enter. A good start is a very important factor. Therefore, don’t underestimate the importance of the Placement Matches series. Each season is a new opportunity, a chance to start from scratch. Every detail is important...

This service is designed to give you a good and satisfying start. The first Placement Matches of the season are very important: if you manage to prove yourself from the best side, then throughout the whole season luck (and the game system itself) will be on your side. The better the initial result, the higher the starting position and the MMR indicator, which, in turn, means faster development. The faster the development, the more you can achieve. So, PLACEMENT MATCHES BOOST SERVICE was created specifically to give you the maximum initial bonus.


After you clarify all the details with our manager and purchase this service, the most suitable specialist will be selected to fulfill your order. He will get access to your account and will start a series of Placement Matches. In the ranks of the CakeBoost team - only the best of the best, but we ask you to take into account: the mechanics of the game are such that even brilliant skills and huge gaming experience are not a guarantee of a perfect 100% result. Even such mastodons of the game, like our employees, can lose.

However, this is one of the many delights of League of Legends! We cannot unequivocally guarantee that all 10 matches will be won... But the probability of such an outcome is more than 90%! In any case, you’ll get an excellent result, which means a high MMR indicator, a place in a high League / Division and the opportunity to develop as quickly as possible.

The Service price depends on your Tier of the previous Season. Thus, the more complex the task before our specialist, the higher the price will be. In addition, if you already started the Placement Matches series completion, the amount of won and lost matches must be fixed before the execution of the service, since these indicators have a significant impact on the cost of performing the service. That’s why we recommend ordering the execution of the PLACEMENT MATCHES BOOST SERVICE “from scratch”, as this provides the higher possibility of better results and a reduction in the order execution time, as well as the cost of the service. Conversely, the greater the amount of lost matches, the higher the final cost will be!


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ETA - 12h
VPN protection your account
Average waiting time for the booster - 5m
Offline chat mode while boosting
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Hints and tips to make your gameplay better
You can schedule your time when to play
You will play with top tier Master or challenger booster
Choose your Roles and Champions
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