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The story of this girl, a native of Noxus, is tragic and touching at the same time. Shortly after the wedding, her parents, Gregori the Gray and Amoline, who was a witch, decided to move to the north of the country, where, under the protection of the Ironspike Mountains, they hoped to survive the dark troubled times of the Boram Darkwill’s rule. There they built a house and waited for the birth of their daughter.

Wildlife reigned in most of these vast territories. Locals told Amoline about the great shadow bears that live in these lands. The future mother was fascinated by these stories and decided to sew a plush toy for her child - a bear that would protect the child from evil. Annie was born the same night when the toy was finished. She immediately fell in love with a toy that she called Tibbers, and never parted with him.

When Annie was a baby, she and her father fell ill with fever. Amoline was terrified, touching her daughter's forehead: it burned her palm like lava. Not knowing what to do, being completely alone with her delirious husband and child in her arms, she left the house to get ice-cold water in a nearby river, and no one ever saw her again.

The next morning, Gregori opened his eyelids, shook his buzzing head and saw that the baby was completely healthy, and his wife was absent. He was looking for her for a long time, but this did not lead to results. The girl hoped that her mother would return sooner or foully, and her father often found her in a rocking cross, in which her mother made Tibbers for her daughter. Sometimes he noticed Annie gazing into a blazing fire, but he was almost certain that there wasn’t any fire in the fireplace when he left...

After a while, Gregori passed through the pain of loss and met a woman named Leanna, who had a daughter, Daisy. Annie suffered from the unfair attitude of her stepmother, so friendship with her half-sister didn’t work out.

One day Daisy died. It happened through carelessness - the urban girl was not adapted for life in the wild. However, the stepmother blamed little Annie in the incident and decided to destroy Tibbers. However, as soon as the woman touched the toy, Annie's incredible fear and anger finally showed her powerful innate gift of pyromancy. The fire broke out and destroyed not only the hated, unjust stepmother, but also the girl’s father, so now she was completely alone.

Now she travels through the wild lands in the north of Noxus, fearing that all people in big cities are like her stepmother. Sometimes she finds an overnight stay pretending to be an innocent child. However, anyone who dares to touch Tibbers, her keeper, the only thing that Annie has left of her mother, will die in terrible agony, in the arms of a raging fire. Moral: don’t hurt children...


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